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Debt Recovery Services

We believe that our debt recovery and credit management services are second to none.

We are a leading international independent debt recovery agency for UK and Global businesses. We collect outstanding accounts throughout the world utilising our country specific experience in pursuing, negotiating and securing payment of outstanding invoices.

We are a leader in international debt recovery and employ a multi-national team. to overcome language barriers.

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Please feel free to call on +44 (0) 118 984 5885 to discuss your individual debt recovery requirements.
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The vast majority of debts are collected at a pre-legal stage.

Brookes Bates provides a full range of legal services in the UK and internationally...

  • Issue of claims
  • Judgment and enforcement
  • Statutory Demands
  • Warrants of Execution
  • Enforcement by Sheriff
  • Attachment to earnings orders
  • Out of jurisdiction claims

Please download this PDF to see further details of our legal and Court fees

Call +44 (0) 118 984 5885 now to discuss our legal services and pricing structure.
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Status reports are an effective tool in managing the risk of client debt whether the client is based in the UK or Overseas. The reports assist you in making informed credit decisions.

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We are able to offer tracing services where the debtor has absconded.

This service is provided utilising a network of trace agents.

Our tracing services are:

  • Telephone Tracing
  • Full Investigative Tracing
  • International Tracing Services - price on application

Further information about our tracing services can be found in our legal services PDF

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