Legal Services

UK and International Legal Services


UK and International Legal Services

We are able to assist at any stage of the account recovery and give guidance and support through the processes of gaining payment.

The vast majority of debts are collected by:

Pre-legal collection services
Pre-legal negotiation
Client supported research and tracing services to gain contact

Brookes Bates provides a full range of legal services in the UK and internationally...

Issue of claims
Judgment and enforcement
Statutory Demands
Warrants of Execution
Enforcement by Sheriff
Attachment to earnings orders
Out of jurisdiction claims

Please download this PDF to see further details of our legal and Court fees

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Our Terms & Conditions

The Late Payment of Commercial
Debts Regulations 2013

Companies House Web Check
Companies House Information

Check insolvency status
The Insolvency service allows you to search to see if your debtor is Bankrupt or subject to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

European Late Payment Directive 2011/7/EU

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