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UK Debt Recovery


UK Debt Recovery

Brookes Bates Partnership LLP are specialists in providing a professional and effective account collection service in the UK as well as Worldwide. Our simple on-line form assists you in making the right decision and is your first step in getting your overdue funds paid. 

If you have overdue accounts our aim is to recover them quickly, effectively and in a cost-effective way.

Commission is only charged when money is recovered

  • We accept multiple accounts or one-off debts on a no-collection no-fee basis
  • There are no joining fees or hidden costs
  • Debtors pay you directly we do not bank your funds
  • You will have an experienced, dedicated account manager and a personalised service to meet your specific business requirements
  • No Success - No Fee
  • Brookes Bates are members of the Credit Services Association (CSA), The British Exporters Association (BExA) and affiliate members of the Federation of European National Associations (FENCA)

Brookes Bates Partnership LLP has worked for some of the UK’s largest companies in recovering their overdue payments. Having a specialist and trusted team of account managers we work closely with our clients and maintain contact throughout the recovery process to suit your needs.

No Hidden Costs - No Joining Fees - No upfront Payments

We do not bank your funds and have your debtors’ pay you directly. Our recovery process begins immediately upon instruction, and we aim to recover the overdue amounts as soon as possible in the most cost-effective way to you. We succeed where others fail to collect.

Brookes Bates values our client and debtor commercial relationships, resolving outstanding payments issues with your business in mind- getting the cash-flow back to your accounts and allowing your business to do what it does best.

We recognise the importance of swift recovery and explore all avenues to recover the funds owed to your business. There are 440,000 businesses at risk due to late payments, it is crucial for any overdue accounts to be acted upon without delay.

Why use Brookes Bates Partnership LLP?

  • No-Recovery No-Fee
  • Immediate start to the collection process upon instruction
  • Dedicated account managers
  • We are not a letter-based service and make direct contact with your debtors
  • Personal and tailor-made communication and updates to our clients
  • Trusted and recommended services
  • Experience in all aspects of the debt recovery both in the UK and Worldwide
  • International and UK based network of professionals

The vast majority of our collections processes are completed pre-legal basis ensuring you get swift action and recovery without the burden of delays, legal costs and associated actions. Our recovery can support you even with the most stubborn debtors.

Brookes Bates Partnership LLP has detailed knowledge of the whole of the UK’s relevant legislations including country specific requirements in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We also collect on your behalf worldwide resolving any cross-border late payments.

Where the debtor company’s financial status is at risk- instructing Brookes Bates early is a priority. Our focused and pro-active approach means that you as a client stand a better chance of being prioritised and repaid.

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The Insolvency service allows you to search to see if your debtor is Bankrupt or subject to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

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Affiliate members of FENCA
(Federation of European National Collection Associations)

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